Carx Street Apk Beginner Guide

If you are here, you must be looking for a Carx Street APK beginner guide and tips. Well, you are at the right place because here we will let you know more about this game. Here we have shared a detailed guide on Carx Street mod Apk. Read more here.

If you’re a fan of racing games, you might be wondering when CarX Street Apk is available. Good news for iPhone users: CarX Street is already out on iOS! Unfortunately, Android players will have to wait a bit longer.

Carx Street Apk Beginner Guide

But don’t worry! 

We’ve put together some beginner tips and tricks to get you started. Check out our guide for all the details. If you’re excited to jump into the game, click the button below to start playing CarX Street Apk online directly in your browser!

Keep reading to learn for Carx Street mod apk beginner guide and tips!

Carx Street Apk

CarX Street Apk is a thrilling racing game that lets players experience the excitement of street racing. Designed for car enthusiasts, the game offers realistic driving mechanics and stunning graphics. 

In CarX Street Apk, you can customize and upgrade your cars to make them faster and more stylish. Race through detailed cityscapes, drift around corners and compete against other players. 

Currently available on iOS, this game is perfect for anyone who loves speed and cars. 

While Android users have to wait, iPhone users can start racing now. Dive into CarX Street Apk and feel the rush of high-speed street racing! Keep reading for a detailed guide on it.

How to Play Carx Street Apk: Tips and Tricks 

Being a popular game, if you love to play this game then you must read about the Carx Street Mod apk beginner guide and tips. Here we have shared tips that will help you to become a master racer. Make sure to follow each tip carefully. 

Carx Street Apk Beginner Guide
  • Spend time driving around to familiarize yourself with the layout, shortcuts, and key locations like the garage, shops, and event start points.
  • Use the mini-map to plan routes and avoid getting lost during races.
  • Customize your control settings to suit your play style, whether you prefer tilt, buttons, or an external controller.
  • Practice drifting and precise cornering to gain an edge in races.
  • Balance upgrades between engine, suspension, Tyres, and nitrous for an all-around improved car.
  • Use the tuning options to adjust your car’s settings for better performance in different race conditions.
  • Test different setups to find what works best for each type of race.
  • Customize the appearance of your car to stand out in races and express your style.
  • Some visual changes can improve aerodynamics slightly, so consider these as part of your strategy.
  • Participate in as many races and events as possible to earn cash.
  • Be strategic about spending; prioritize essential upgrades and new cars over cosmetic changes
  • Daily and weekly challenges offer great rewards. Make sure to complete them to earn extra cash and reputation points.
  • Keep an eye out for special events that offer high payouts.
  • Utilize the slipstream (drafting) technique by driving closely behind other cars to reduce air resistance and gain speed.
  • Time your slipstream exit to overtake opponents effectively.
  • Time trials are a great way to practice your racing lines and improve your overall driving skills.
  • Focus on beating your own best times to continually improve.

Carx Street Apk Maps

While playing the game you will see different types of games. Each map is unique and demands special skill to play. Understanding these maps is crucial to becoming a top racer. Here we have shared a complete overview and tips for each map. 

City Center

The heart of urban racing, City Center is a bustling area filled with skyscrapers, tight corners, and busy intersections. Maneuver through congested roads where precision is key. Prepare for quick reaction times to handle the tight curves. Watch out for oncoming vehicles, especially during rush hour races.


  • Use lighter, more agile cars for better handling in dense traffic.
  • Master the art of drifting to take corners without losing too much speed.

Industrial Zone

This is a gritty area filled with factories, warehouses, and construction sites. It is ideal for high-speed racing and overtaking opponents. Be mindful of construction barriers and debris on the road. Perfect for testing your car’s top speed and acceleration.


  • Opt for powerful cars with high top speeds.
  • Keep an eye on the map for upcoming obstacles and plan your path accordingly.

Suburban Streets

A quiet residential area with winding roads, parks, and cul-de-sacs. Navigate through gentle bends and occasional sharp turns. You will find some areas are more open, giving a break from the tight city streets. Enjoy a more relaxed atmosphere with beautiful landscapes.


  • Balance your car’s speed and handling for the best performance.
  • Use the open spaces to gain speed, but be prepared for sudden turns.

Mountain Roads

Twisty and elevated roads are set in a mountainous region, offering breathtaking views and challenging races. Experience climbs and descents that test your car’s stability. You have to master the art of taking tight, slow corners without losing control. Now, enjoy panoramic views but stay focused on the race.


  • Choose cars with strong brakes and good handling.
  • Slow down before tight hairpin turns to maintain control.

Highway Blitz

Highway Blitz is a high-speed map featuring long stretches of road designed for maximum speed and adrenaline-pumping action. Push your car to its limits with endless stretches of highway. It is ideal for focusing on pure speed rather than technical skills. High-speed traffic can be a hazard, so be alert.


  • Use cars with high top speeds and good acceleration.
  • Pay attention to traffic patterns to avoid collisions at high speeds.

Coastal Drive

Race along picturesque coastal roads with sweeping curves and ocean views. Enjoy smooth, sweeping turns that test your cornering skills. The scenic backdrop adds a calming yet thrilling experience. Fewer obstacles, allowing you to focus more on racing.


  • Balance speed with precision to navigate the gentle curves effectively.
  • Appreciate the view but keep your eyes on the road to avoid crashes.

Airport Circuit

A unique map set in and around an airport, featuring runways and maintenance areas. Plenty of room to manoeuvre and test high speeds. From smooth tarmac to rougher maintenance roads. Utilize open spaces for overtaking and strategic racing.


  • Choose cars that can handle both high speeds and variable terrains.
  • Use the wide-open areas to your advantage for strategic racing moves.


This was our detailed Carx Street Apk Beginner Guide and Tips. 

We hope by reading the above blog you can learn new tricks and tips in the game. It will help you to become a good racer in the game. So, make sure to apply the shared tips in the game. 

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