CarX Street Mod Apk

CarX Street Mod Apk

Looking for a unique realistic mobile racing game? Check out CarX Street Mod APK here! For mobile gamers, CarX Street is one of the best racing games to play, and now, it has become easy to access the mod version of the game with unlocked benefits. Read more here. 

Racing games are version popular, especially for mobile phones. And when we talk about this category, CarX Street can not be ignored. It is one of the best Android racing games now which not only shares amazing gameplay but also brings realistic gaming experience on mobile only. 

Carx Street Mod Apk

What makes it difficult for gamers is the unlocked features of the game, which can be only accessed once you purchase the premium version. But, as you land on our post, we will guide you on how to download Carx Street Mod APK for free. 

In this post, we have shared a complete guide on this game along with details related to its mod version and how you can download it. So, read the complete post as this will be gonna be fun!

Additional Information of Carx Street Mod Apk

NameCarX Street Apk
GenreRacing Game
Reviews1,112 Reviews
DeveloperCarX Technologies, LLC
Android Requirement Version 5.0 or above

What is CarX Street

Carx Street is an Android-based game developed by CarX Technologies. The game is very popular for a realistic mobile phone racing experience. What makes the game best is its smooth HD graphics which will enhance your gaming experience on mobiles.

While playing this game you will notice that the developers have added amazing details to make it look real. They have focused on display and the scoring sound, leaving an amazing impression on gamers while playing. There are different storylines and rules in the game which you can go through with different gaming modes available. Each mode will share an interesting gaming experience with you. 

Carx Street Mod Apk

The next highlighting thing the whole game is the leaderboard, where you always want to be on top. Based on your race, you can hit the top position in the leaderboard and beat other racers. Gamers can also challenge other gamers for one vs one race. To win against other racers,  you will need a high-speed car and good skills. The more you play the game, the better your skills get. While to get a fast car you need to purchase it in the game. 

With each race, you get points in the form of a bonus, which can be used to purchase high-speed cool cars as you like. Once you have your favourite car, you can play against friends on your list in different tracks and also join online tournaments to earn more exciting rewards. Overall, Carx Stree Mod APK will provide you with the best racing gameplay experience. 

Gameplay of CarX Street Mod Apk

No doubt the gameplay of the CarX Street game is thrilling and realistic like no other racing game. It brings the essence of street gaming and shares one of the best gameplay ever in the racing category. While playing the game you will go through different tracks and cityscapes where you will be drifting your car to win the races. The high-speed animation makes the game look real. 

Carx Street Mod Apk

It starts with a basic car which you use for your first race. With each checkpoint, you will not only complete the storyline but also upgrade your cars. After winning the races you will earn points which can be used to purchase new cars and customize the old ones. The gameplay of CarX Street Mod APK includes racing against real players and AI as well. 

The thrilling gameplay will make sure you learn new skills and use them in the game to get top of the leaderboard. So, this is a really fun game to play! 

CarX Street Mod APK features

The mod version of this game has some unique features. It unlocks some special benefits in the game which you can access by downloading the shared file. Read the CarX Street Mod feature below:

Unlimited Money

Imagine never having to worry about in-game cash again! With the unlimited money feature in CarX Street, you can buy any car, upgrade every part, and customize your ride to perfection without ever running out of funds. This means you can focus more on the thrill of the race and less on grinding for cash. 

Speed & Nitro

Feel the need for speed? With enhanced speed and nitro features, your car will blaze past the competition. This feature boosts your car’s performance, giving you that extra edge in every race. Use nitro boosts strategically to leave opponents in the dust, making every race more exciting and action-packed. Get ready for high-speed races and the best finishes!

Unlimited Gold

Never worry about running out of gold again! This mod feature provides you with an endless supply of gold, the premium currency in CarX Street Apk. Use it to unlock special items, rare cars, and premium upgrades that would otherwise take ages to earn. Enjoy the game at its fullest potential, exploring every premium feature without limits.

Unlimited XP

Level up faster than ever with unlimited XP. This feature allows you to gain experience points effortlessly, helping you unlock new levels, cars, and upgrades quickly. Compete with top players, reach new heights, and enjoy the advanced aspects of the game without the usual grind.

All Cars Unlocked

Forget about saving up or waiting to unlock your favourite cars. With this feature, every car in the game is available right from the start. Experiment with different models, find the perfect ride for your racing style and dominate the streets with the best cars in your garage. This all-access pass lets you enjoy the full variety and excitement the game has to offer!

Carx Street Mod Apk Usual Features

Gamers who don’t want to risk for a mod version can also download the regular one. Which is itself a good choice for many. The normal game shares all the usual features with you, except the mod ones. In this version, you will not get unlocked benefits but there is no compromise with your gaming experience.

Check the usual features of the Carx Street Mod Apk game:

HD Graphics

Experience the stunning graphics of CarX Street with an HD display. The game’s high-definition graphic takes you into a realistic world, with detailed car models, vibrant environments, and smooth animations. Each race feels like you’re on the real streets, bettering the fun and excitement.

Real Card Sound

Hear the sound of the engines like never before with real car sound effects. Every drift and nitro boost is captured authentically, making your racing experience realistic. The sound design adds an extra layer of excitement, making you feel like you’re in the driver’s seat of a high-performance car. Use headphones for the best experience!

Challenge Online Friends

Take the competition to the next level by challenging your online friends. Show your skills by racing against friends and players from around the world. This feature adds a social and competitive advantage to the game, making every race more thrilling and fun. Share your wins and get listed on the leaderboards.

Play Multiple Modes

Variety is the key factor of racing in CarX Street Mod Apk. Enjoy multiple game modes, each offering a unique challenge and excitement. Whether you prefer solo races, tournaments, or time races, there’s something for everyone. This feature keeps the game enjoyable and engaging, ensuring you’ll never get bored on the streets of CarX.

Chose Best Car

Find the perfect car that matches your racing style. With a wide selection of cars to choose from, you can pick the best one for each race and strategy. Whether you prefer speed, handling, or a balance of both, there’s a car for you. Customize and optimize your choice to win the competition and race in style!

Get Full Car Customization Tools

Unleash your creativity with full car customization tools. Modify every aspect of your car, from paint jobs and decals to performance parts and accessories. This feature allows you to create a unique, personalized ride that stands out on the streets. Build your car to suit your racing strategy and attractive preferences perfectly.

Unique Storyline

Dive into an engaging and unique storyline that adds depth to your racing experience. Each race and challenge is part of a larger narrative, making your progress meaningful and exciting. The storyline keeps you hooked, providing context and motivation for your actions on the track. Your journey as a racer will be fun in this game.

Win and Earn Bonus

Victory comes with its rewards in Carx Street. Win races and earn bonuses that help you advance in the game. These bonuses can be used to unlock new cars, upgrades, and customization options, enhancing your gameplay experience. Every win feels satisfying and rewarding!

Comparison of CarX Street Premium vs Mod

First, let’s talk about the Premium version of the CarX Street game. It is available in the game itself and can be unlocked after you purchase it in the game only. There are many unique and useful tools unlocked in the regular version, which you can access in this premium version. The shared mod features of the game are available once you buy the premium version. 

Carx Streer Mod APK

Now, the mod version is something you looking for! As discussed above, to access the unlocked tools you have to buy the premium version but you can also get them for free. Yes, and here comes the mod version of this game. This version is not available on the Google Play Store and you have to download it from a third-party source. It will unlock all the premium features of the game for free. 

Pros and Cons of CarX Streer Mod APK

Every game comes with some pros as well as cons. As you read about the amazing features of the game, we will make sure you also get to know what the will be cons if you download the Carx Streer Mod APK. Here are the pros and cons of the game shared below:  


  • Unlimited Points
  • Unlocked Premium Tools
  • No Purchase Needed
  • Easy to Download


  • Third-Party Download
  • Not Completely Safe
  • No Automatic Upgradation

How to Download CarX Street Mod Apk

Till now, we hope you are amazed at the interesting features and attractive gameplay of this game. Now, it’s time to learn how to download CarX Street Mod APK for Android. If you want to download the original version of the game then you can directly download it from the Google Play Store. To download the mod version, follow these steps: 

Step#1 – First, open Chrome and search for CraX Stree Mod Apk

Step#2 – Look for the version we shared in this post. 

Step#3 – Now, open the website. 

Step#4 – Check the compatibility of the game set-up file with your device. 

Step#5 – Now, download the file. 

Step#6 – You have to give authorization for downloading third-party apk. 

Step#7 – Once done, open the file on your device and install it. 

Step#8 – Now, you can play the game with unlocked paid features.

FAQ – Solution of Your Some Quarries

Question – Can I play CarX Street in India?

Answer – Yes, CarX Street is completely free on Android. You can play without having to pay, but you will have the option to buy credits with real money in case you want to unlock vehicles ahead of time.

Question – Can I play CarX Street on 4GB RAM Android?

Answer – To make sure you have the best time playing, your device should meet these requirements: Operating System: Android 4.4 or higher. Storage Space: At least 2 GB of free space. RAM: 4 GB or more

Question – Is CarX Street available on PC?

Answer – Once the installation is complete, click the CarX Street icon on the home screen or the game centre to start playing. That’s it! You can now enjoy CarX Street on PC with a GameLoop emulator and have the ultimate street racing experience. 

Question – Is CarX Street a mobile game?

Answer – With options like body kits, and different interior pieces, you can paint each car panel separately or all at the same time; and I’m barely scratching the surface, you need to play this game to see all the little details CarX put into it.


This was our guide on CarX Street MOD APK! 

Above we have shared all the related details on this game. By following the steps mentioned in this post, you can download and play the mod version of the game. Now, if you have any issues related to the installation of the game then let us know in the comment section. We will solve that as soon as possible. 

So, what are your views on this game? Comment down below.